Monday, September 10, 2012

GoDaddy Hosted Sites Taken Offline by Hacker Group Anonymous

If you don't know who GoDaddy is, then the good news is you were most likely not affected by this disastrous turn of events. If you are one of the millions of people who use GoDaddy’s services, you may have noticed some slight technical difficulties today. Namely not being able to access your site or your email. The administrators of the largest name registrar on the Internet have confirmed that they are suffering from technical issues, but are not giving any details as to what those issues are. Although GoDaddy is not talking, a supposed member of the Anonymous hacktivism collective is taking credit for the attack stating on Twitter that the reason for the attack is to test how the cyber security is safe.

The latest update from GoDaddy was a Tweet at 4pm Eastern Standard Time saying “ Update: Still working on it, but we’re making progress. Some service has already been restored. Stick with us.” 

We understand that many of our clients utilize Go Daddy’s services and we are available to answer any questions you may have about the issues plaguing the GoDaddy servers.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Important Google Shopping Changes

Important update to all merchants currently using Google Shopping . Google Shopping results will no longer be free. For the merchants who have used Google Shopping to sell their products over the years, with no charges related to it, the free ride is over. Google is instituting a new Google Shopping experience that is requiring that merchants pay for the service starting this fall.
Google has released a new initiative to improve their shopping experience, which will be affecting anyone who has products currently listed with Google Product Search. Google is transitioning Google Product Search to a commercial model build on Product Listing Ads. If any of you currently have a Google Adwords account, you already know what this means. If you are not familiar with the Google Adwords process, it basically allows companies to set a specific price they are willing to pay per each potential customer’s click and then displays these results based on the highest offering company. When the transition is complete, sometime this Fall Google shopping will be displaying results based on bid price and relevance. Over time Google will also give businesses the opportunity to market sales or special offers.
As of now Google is giving merchants a few months to transition, but they are also offering some incentives to early birds. They are offering an automatic monthly credit for 10% of their total Product Listing Ad spend through the end of 2012 for any merchant who make’s Product Listing Ad’s by August 15 2012. Also if you are a current Goodle Product Search merchant and fill out a form before August 15, 2012 you will receive $100.00 Adwords credit toward Product Listing Ads. To learn more check out this article

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo was voted one of the Nations top 5 Zoos for kids and with so many wonderful animals and daily events it’s no wonder. From the walk through monkey village that lets you experience squirrel monkeys from inside their world to the entertaining and educational Harmony Farm petting zoo, your kids will be enchanted with the world of animals.
But the Phoenix Zoo is not just for kids, all ages will love the unique and awe inspiring sites that this 125 acres of wildlife offers. There are wonderful special events all year long such as Zoo lights in the winter, where the zoo is transformed into a winter wonderland. The annual Rock the Zoo, allows the adults to show off their wild side. Prowl and Play takes advantage of Phoenix’s warm summer evenings as an opportunity to meet some nocturnal creatures.Check out more about the Phoenix Zoo here.

Crooked Sky Farms

Crooked Sky Farms is a certified naturally grown farm located in Arizona. They grow and supply Farmers Markets throughout the state of Arizona with delicious and fresh produce. As a certified naturally grown farm, there is no use of any chemical herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers or insecticides. In other words, just great produce, 100 percent natural.
Crooked Sky Farms is both owned and operated by Farmer Frank Martin , who has been farming and selling his produce since 1999. He enjoys the magic of farming and has for as long as he can remember. Turning a little seed into delicious produce is a feat that “not even David Copperfield can perform” paraphrasing Farmer Frank.  
The farm is cared for with cover crops, crop rotations and ecologically sustainable farming practice. Check out more at

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cosmic Jump

Cosmic Jump is an indoor trampoline park with locations in both Arizona and Texas. Cosmic Jump has fun filled activities for the whole family, from 125 feet of jumping on their indoor trampolines to trampoline dodge ball and basketball. Cosmic Jump is the perfect place for an awesome birthday party or a team building corporate adventure. Not only are indoor trampolines tons of fun they are also an excellent form of exercise. Cosmic Jump utilizes the great fitness possibilities of their trampolines by offering a trampoline workout fitness classes. Find out more at

Friday, July 6, 2012


American Institute of Technology is an institute devoted to training professional truck drivers. Their in the classroom training provides their students with all of the tools needed to become a professional commercial truck driver. Their instructors have real life experience, so their students learn way more than what is in the textbooks. AIT’s CDL schools teach the most current Department of Transportation regulations, as well as teaching on the road skills such as learning about weigh stations, on the road management and financial management.
AIT’s Behind the Wheel training puts students on the road to learn how to deal with real life situations and give them a taste of what it feels like to be behind the wheel of a big rig. They teach different driving techniques, how to transport and drop off cargo from one location to another. AIT also offers job placement services so a student goes to a professional truck driver the moment they graduate.

Learn more about AIT at

Monday, July 2, 2012

Hi there and welcome to Point & Click's first blog on In these blogs we would like to share with you some of the companies we have had the pleasure of working with. In each blog we will introduce you to a company we have worked with and created a successful online marketing plan for. Our blogs will tell you a little about the company and what makes them so unique. Keep reading, there are lot of exciting things to come.